The story of the white coral begins in a mood of romance in the idyllic beach of Santorini, Eros. The scene tastefully combines past and present.  The magical coast, the horses, the sea breeze, the waves, her fairy tale dress leads us into a very romantic dream.

Between the rocks and the sea, a lovingly set table in beautiful shades of blue combined with unique details  of white corals. Elaborately arranged floral decorations, stylish jewels , a cake in pastel colors completed this visual optism…

olivia anthopoulou_01

olivia anthopoulou_02

olivia anthopoulou_03

olivia anthopoulou_04

olivia anthopoulou_05

olivia anthopoulou_06

olivia anthopoulou_07

olivia anthopoulou_08

olivia anthopoulou_09

olivia anthopoulou_10

olivia anthopoulou_11

olivia anthopoulou_12

olivia anthopoulou_13

olivia anthopoulou_14

olivia anthopoulou_15 copy

olivia anthopoulou_15

olivia anthopoulou_16

olivia anthopoulou_17

olivia anthopoulou_18

olivia anthopoulou_19

olivia anthopoulou_20

olivia anthopoulou_21

olivia anthopoulou_22

olivia anthopoulou_23

olivia anthopoulou_24

olivia anthopoulou_25

olivia anthopoulou_26

olivia anthopoulou_27


* Styling & Design: onlyforyouevents
* Floral design: studio7
* Art de la table: anthropologie
* Wedding gown: costarellos
* Fine jewelry: kousvelaris
* Art de la table: whitelilac
* Furniture: zazoo
* Cake & sweets: cakesandcookies
* Cordination: thesecretowl
* Invitation suites: atelier-invitations.
* Makeup: beauty-santorini
* Hair: coroflot
* Bridal Shoes: castaner.com
* Groom’s suit trumanclothiers
* Groom shoes: kwnstantinoshoes
* Man styling:itsamansclass

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